How to

  1. Buy life boost, Start the dungeon
  2. Enter all 9 fields (check "Currently on" for Center)
  3. (You may enter a bit less HP than you have to force a more efficient path, it searches depth-first for any winning paths no matter how close HP wise)
  4. Assumes 30 dmg / dragon hit. If you have less defense / take more dmg best enter a bit less HP to compensate
  5. Click the Submit button



About 2.5M paths will be checked and the best one chosen (there can ofc be better ones). If none is found it will also check every possible permutation until the first hit (again, there _could_ be better ones -> More HP left) or it can also be unsolveable with low HP pool.
Checking/Calculation will be done client-side on your CPU, the browser may freeze for a few seconds.